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Summer 2014

Summer Newsletter

Please Click here to view the Summer Newsletter.


Notification of additional inservice day in session 2014- 2015 calendar

In February 2014, the Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland's Languages announced additional support for secondary schools to prepare for the new National Qualifications. Included in this support was the provision of one additional in-service day for secondary schools during academic year 2014-15 to help the continuing implementation of national qualifications, including the New Higher qualifications.


Please note that in Stirling and Clackmannanshire, the additional day Wednesday 26th November has been grouped alongside two existing in-service days, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th November. Therefore school will now be closed to pupils for all three days in that week. 

Important changes to the Appeals Process from SQA.

In the academic year 2013-2014, SQA will introduce new ‘Results Services’ to replace their existing appeals service.

SQA have prepared a question and answer guide to give you more information about the changes.

Link to questions/asnwers

Link to PDF booklet

Photographs and Video Recording

Please click here to view our policy on photographs and video recording of pupils.


Alva Academy pupils stand out in their local community because of the pride they show in how they wear their school uniform. I believe that this is in part because our pupils worked with staff to agree the school dress code and in part because our parents/ carers support us well.
Of course there are important benefits other than improving the image of the school. These include:-

- Security is better - it is easy to spot someone who should not be in the school grounds and buildings
- Our pupils can feel a strong sense of belonging and commitment to the school
- It helps create a sense of purpose within the school environment
- It helps prepare our pupils for later life as in most work places there are dress codes
- It can be less expensive for parents and carers too.
- It can improve classroom safety in some subjects e.g. technology, science, PE
- The differences between pupils are reduced, which in turn can reduce some causes of isolation and bullying.

As we start the term I will look forward to your continuing support in this matter.

Click here to veiw the current uniform brochure including prices.

Sharee MacKerron

National Parent Forum of Scotland

Please find links to two new resources produced by the National Parent Forum of Scotland

1. Nationals in a Nutshell.

These are summaries of National 4 and National 5 qualifications in over 30 subjects. They describe the skills your child will be aiming to develop, an overview of their learning experiences and how they will be assessed.

2. Illustrated Curriculum for Excellence Learner Journey

This is designed to give a clear picture of what the learner journey will look like for your child

House System

red square Falcon (F1 - F7) - Mrs Nicholson

Cyan Blue Square Harrier (H1 - H7) - Miss Grant

Blue Square Kestrel (K1 - K7) - Mrs Gibson

Green Square Merlin (M1 - M7) - Mr Bradbury

Yellow Square Osprey (O1 - O7) - Mrs McEwen


Alva Academy has an excellent team of pupil support teachers who work hard to get to know the children well and form good links with parents and carers. If any parent or carer has a query or concern relating to their son or daughter they should always contact the pupil support teacher in the first instance. The pupil support teacher may then pass the matter on to the Year Head to deal with if they feel this is more appropriate.

Alva Academy Handbook 2013-14

Please click here to download the new Alva Academy Handbook for 2013/14.

Curriculum for Excellence
Be at the heart of your child's learning.

This link will provide information to parents about the recently launched National campaign which seeks to provide information for parents and carers about Curriculum for Excellence. Click here to see it.


It includes the latest CfE briefing -A guide for Parents and Carers - designed to support you to be at the heart of your child's learning and raise your awareness of the wealth of information available on the Parentzone website. We encourage you to visit the website:







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